Phillip Jones
Stages of Life TRANSITIONS Counseling
“We come fresh to the different stages of life, and in each of them we are quite inexperienced, no matter how old we are.”
                                                                ---Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Change is a constant.  As we travel through the various stages of life—from youth to adulthood, midlife to old age—we find unique challenges and opportunities.  Are you traversing the passage from girl to woman, boy to man; sealing or unsealing a relationship or marriage; staring at a midlife crisis; looking with worrying eyes toward retirement; or just seeking to slow down?  Change can be intimidating.  It will not go away.  But it can be a vehicle for positive transformation.

Are you in the midst of a major life change and seeking to find clarity?  Do you wish to understand how people of other times and cultures used life changes as an opportunity for growth?

In this session, we may discover:
  • How are the Rites and Passages of Life defining your human journey?
  • What Stage of Life are you currently traversing or entering?
  • What will you need to let go from your past stages of life?
  • What strengths will you need to embrace this new stage of your life?
  • What are the exciting and empowering aspects of this Stage of Life?
  • How can you reintegrate back into the world after your Transition from the old stages to the new?

Phillip Jones is a licensed psychotherapist and a Rites of Passage Facilitator.  He has helped young people pass into adulthood, adults vision quest into midlife, individuals move with ease, grace and empowerment into ‘retirement,’ and people traverse the last stage of life with nobility.  Phillip has also helped individuals and couples with the difficult transitions associated with relationships.  In this session, he will offer ideas, tools and methodologies to help you through your Transitional Times.