Phillip Jones
Multi-Faith Spiritual Counseling: A Personal Consultation
“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”            ---Carl Jung

Our current world culture provides almost unlimited access to the teachings of all faiths. For example, metaphysical teachers and religious ministers abound, and yet eclectic confusion and fundamentalist mindsets are still widespread.  How does one ‘break through’ to an understanding of his or her own natural spiritual orientation?  How do we navigate the many conflicts which may arise within families, couples and organizations among people of diverse faiths or life philosophies?  How do we live a peaceful, spiritual life in a materialistic, fast-paced and often chaotic world?

Phillip grew up in a Southern Baptist family.  He understands and appreciates the traditional Christian path.  However, his journey took him to India and a different type of non-exclusive philosophy and orientation.  Phillip’s life experiences include years as an Eastern monastic, six years of study with recognized teachers of the major world religions and later, seven years supporting people of all faiths, philosophies and worldviews as a hospice spiritual counselor.

Phillip has gained a humble and deep understanding of the multiple ways which may constitute a person’s very unique relationship to the Universe and Divinity.  This session is a special consultation with a seasoned spiritual counselor, offering support for a clear way forward specific to your life, culture, and world view.