Phillip Jones

Your ANIMAL ARCHETYPE Discovery Session
For thousands of years, in wise cultures around the world (Celtic, Native American, African, Hawaiian, etc.), people have found strength, power, ‘medicine’ and insight through identifying and incorporating their primary and secondary Animal Totems or Archetypes.  This ‘medicine’ which the animals have to share with us is not medicine in the Western sense.  It is That which connects us more deeply to Great Spirit/Great Mystery and to Life.

An Animal Archetype is a symbol which connects your Spirit-given strengths with the core strengths of a particular animal.  Since great spiritual traditions and quantum physics tell us that all beings are connected, the discovery of one’s personal animal archetype can give a visual and literal bond with an animal which resonates with your inherent personality.

Phillip has created a direct correlation between the sixteen personality types of Carl Jung/Myers Briggs and sixteen North American animals.  Phillip’s friend, Dr. Albert LaChance, author of Architecture of the Soul, has affirmed that when one’s ‘inner archetypal nature’ is unnourished by connection to a personal form in nature, one’s primary power in life is either undernourished or unrecognized.

Are you seeking a symbol, a visual metaphor, or a subtle companion to deepen the connection to your strengths, your personality pattern, your True Nature?

Are you open to exploring how your Primary and Secondary Animal Archetypes establish the Personality Pattern which can bring balance, success and passion for your life purpose?

Phillip will help you find your Primary and Secondary Archetypes through his deep understanding of the psycho-spiritual aspects of Jungian psychology and typology.  Together, we will work with your current life situation, relationships, and vocation in planning how to bring your Animal Archetypes into your inner and outer life.  This can help to bring you in touch with your Place of Inner Peace and outer success.